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Are You a Good Fit for Information Technology College? 3 Reasons to Pursue a Career in IT

Posted on December 28th, 2018 - Written by: Canadian Business College

database administrator training

The past decade has brought immense changes to many industries, and the rise of technological progress and advancement means that the timing couldn’t be better for capable professionals who are ready to be a part of a new career in an exciting field with a promising future.

Information Technology (IT) is a rapidly growing industry that offers a wide range of opportunities for new workers to get involved in. Whether you’re interested in database administration or working as an engineer in software or computer networks, you can learn the practical, comprehensive skills you need to find career success in the world of IT. Read on to find out why now is the right time to get started in the IT industry.

The Rise of Big Data Means a Growing Need for Trained IT Professionals

In the last few years, we’ve seen an increase in big data, which is a large volume of information that can be analyzed for patterns and trends in human behaviour and interactions. Big data is incredibly useful to businesses who want to determine the best ways to offer their services to both existing and potential clients.

In order to do that, however, these companies need to find talented individuals who can help them run the computerized programs and software they need to collect, store and analyze this data. One of the best aspects of a career in IT is that the widespread adoption and use of technology means businesses need trained professionals to fill many different available positions.

IT Professionals with Database Administrator Training Have Flexible Career Options

Database Administrators (DBAs) use specialized software to manage, store and organize data. Currently, almost every business and company across a variety of industries relies on data and technology to operate properly. This means that after completing their database administrator training, IT professionals can choose to work for businesses in a range of different industries.

Advanced DBA training can better prepare you with knowledge and skills that make you stand out as a candidate to potential employers. Database Administrators are needed to ensure businesses in a variety of fields can rely on the collected data and information that is stored and maintained in their systems.

software engineering program

CBC trains students with the comprehensive IT skills employers are looking for

Graduates of a Network or Software Engineering Program are In-Demand

A career in IT isn’t static, which means that it can evolve as technology evolves. Companies are always hiring professionals who know their way around technology, and computer software engineers are needed to design, develop and implement different software applications involved in day-to-day business.

In order to be prepared to meet the continuous improvements and demands that modern businesses require, students need a software engineering program that teaches them responsive and in-depth programming knowledge.

Similarly, students who are interested in network engineering must understand how to design and maintain the hardware and software many companies rely on in their computer network. If a business is expanding its IT department, it will require the most qualified candidates to address its internet and data security needs, and you will need a comprehensive understanding of the information technology infrastructure if you want to stand out from the crowd.

information technology college

Many companies need trained IT professionals to help prepare for future trends

Are you ready to take the first step into a new and rewarding career with information technology college?

Contact Canadian Business College for more information.

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3 Character Traits That Make You Perfect for Early Childhood Assistant Training

Posted on December 21st, 2018 - Written by: Canadian Business College

early childhood assistant program

Early Childhood Assistants (ECAs) play an essential and varied role in daycares and preschools. During any given shift, they might be expected to help lead group activities for the kids, teach them songs or help run crafting exercises. They might prepare and serve snacks, or help maintain and clean equipment or play areas. They often monitor children, assisting them as necessary, helping them perform routine tasks like tying shoes, finding lost items or putting straws in juice boxes. They’re also often expected to keep notes for supervisors and discuss children’s behaviour and development with staff and parents.

Like many careers working with small children, the role can have its challenges at times, but it can also be an incredibly rewarding, fulfilling and satisfying career for those who have the personal qualities needed to thrive in it.

If you’re considering a new career direction and are wondering if you might be suited for life as an early childhood assistant, here are 3 character traits that would make you perfect for the job.

1. Being a Good Communicator is Important When Working with Children

Communicating with children can be a lot different than communicating with other adults and it involves its own particular set of skills. The ability to break down complex topics into small and easily understood pieces, for example, is incredibly useful when working with young children, who might need to be walked through new ideas or processes in a slow and methodical way. ECAs will also need to be able to give instructions and redirect behaviour in a gentle way, and sometimes engage in sensitive discussions with parents with other childcare staff.

Students will have the opportunity to develop their communication skills further in Early Childhood Assistant training, but knowing how to speak with clarity and sensitivity will be a big advantage for anyone pursuing a career as an ECA.

Communicating effectively is a big part of being an ECA

Communicating effectively is a big part of being an ECA

2. Early Childhood Assistants Should be Patient

Working with children will sometimes require repetition – whether that means reminding them of classroom rules, or repeatedly explaining difficult concepts or instructions to help them understand. This is one reason why patience is an important quality for those in early childhood assistant careers.

ECAs and the other teaching and supervising staff they work with also play a major role in setting a positive tone for the children in their care. No matter what a given day might bring, it’s important for early childhood assistants to be patient and even-tempered, and to stay positive even when things in the daycare or classroom might get a little hectic or unpredictable, or when their attention is being pulled in different directions.

If you’re able to stay patient and calm when working with young children, then you could be a great fit for early childhood assistant training.

3. Passion is a Key Ingredient for Success in Early Childhood Assistant Careers

One of the most important qualities for anyone working in education or childcare in any capacity is a passion for working with children.

For those who really thrive in the field, helping young children develop, learn new concepts and skills and express themselves creatively is an incredibly rewarding part of the job, and is what truly sets it apart from other career paths. Successful early childhood assistants find inherent value in their work and love knowing that they get to make a lasting, positive impact on the kids in their care.

ECAs love making a difference for the children in their care

ECAs love making a difference for the children in their care

Do you have the character traits to help you thrive in a career as an early childhood assistant?

Contact Canadian Business College for more information about our Early Childhood Assistant program.

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Map Out Your Future: 4 Career Paths You Can Pursue at Business School

Posted on December 14th, 2018 - Written by: Canadian Business College

business school

If you’re looking to begin a new career, business school can be a great way to unlock new opportunities and set yourself off in the right direction.

Schools offering hands-on training and small class sizes prepare students to enter (or re-enter) the job market with confidence, an array of valuable skills and a resume that clearly reflects their abilities and value to potential employers.

Depending on your own particular career aspirations and interests, there are several options to choose from. If you’re looking ahead to your career possibilities and wondering how to get started, here’s a useful guide to four career paths you can pursue at business school.

Accounting and Payroll Administration Grads Have Many Career Options

In Canadian Business College’s (CBC) Accounting and Payroll Administrator program, students gain a strong foundation in accounting principles and software, including QuickBooks and Sage Simply Accounting. After completing courses covering payroll fundamentals, human resources, and a range of other accounting, payroll and professional skills, students will be ready for a rewarding career in accounting and payroll. After at least a year of work experience, graduates will also be eligible to receive their Payroll Compliance Practitioner (PCP) certification, opening them up to many opportunities in the field of payroll compliance.

Graduates of the program will be able to pursue careers in accounting and bookkeeping for government agencies, private businesses, accounting firms and non-profit organizations.

Learn Valuable Skills in Accounting Assistant Training

If you’re interested in accounting, you might also consider our Accounting Assistant program, which provides students with an understanding of the fundamental principles of accounting and business. Students in the Accounting Assistant program will learn how to manage balance sheets, create and read financial statements and confidently use standard industry software like Microsoft Office Suite.

business programs

CBC’s Accounting Assistant training can prepare you for a career in accounting or bookkeeping

After graduating from business school with Accounting Assistant training, students will have all the skills they need to pursue careers as not only accounting assistants, but also accounting clerks, financial assistants or bookkeepers.

A Program to Prepare Students for Business Management Careers

For anyone with a broader interest in business, the Business Management program offers students the skills and knowledge they need to compete in our fast-moving and highly complex global economy. In this program, students will learn about business operations and planning, leadership and communication techniques, sales, project management and entrepreneurship. Additional technology training can help students ensure that they have the skills to thrive in today’s high-tech corporate workplaces.

Students graduating from the Business Management program are well-positioned for a broad range of business management careers within the business sphere, including project manager, human resource manager and administrative officer. The highly transferable skills they learn can prepare them to work in fields as diverse as real estate, marketing and entrepreneurship.

Enter the World of Online Business with E-Business Administration Training

If you’re interested in a career that combines business with digital media and technology, then this diploma program can prepare you with the skills you need. Students in our E-Business Diploma Program learn about e-business development, web design, marketing and a range of other subjects that give them the foundation they need to succeed in the world of online business. Students will even have the opportunity to create a business plan of their own, preparing them to pursue their entrepreneurial ambitions after graduating.

This training can prepare graduates for many roles within the e-commerce sector, including e-commerce manager, online distribution manager, internet marketer, web developer and more.

business management careers

Aspiring e-commerce entrepreneurs can gain the skills they need with our E-Business diploma

Are you ready to train for a new career at business school?

Contact Canadian Business College today to learn more about our business programs.

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Ready for a Career Change? How Healthcare Programs Prepare You for Work in a Growing Industry

Posted on December 11th, 2018 - Written by: Canadian Business College

personal support worker courses

Canada’s healthcare industry is expected to undergo a significant transformation in the coming years as older generations age out of the job market and life expectancy is projected to rise. This means that there is a growing public demand for medical services and trained healthcare professionals.

A career in healthcare isn’t strictly limited to one type of job or service like other industries. From personal support worker to medical health administration, there are many career paths to take if you feel ready to make a change and get involved in a diverse, growing field in need of new workers.

If you’re interested in starting a new career and entering an industry with a positive job outlook and many different job options, read on to find out how training in a healthcare program can prepare you for career success.

Canada’s Healthcare Industry Needs Trained Personal Support Workers

There are currently more than 5.9 million people aged 65 and older in Canada. This means that because people are growing older than previous generations, there will be an increased need for professional caregivers to provide medical services, making now the right time to start your journey in a promising field with plenty of work opportunity.

One of the greatest aspects of a career as a Personal Support Worker (PSW) is that you have flexibility when choosing your workplace setting. In addition to nursing homes, private facilities and client residences, a career as a PSW also offers the opportunity to be self-employed if you’re interested in being your own boss.

No matter the environment, good personal support worker courses will train you with the practical and comprehensive skills you need to be able to handle your daily tasks and responsibilities with confidence and care, from the best safety and mobility practices to household management, care planning, how the body system functions, and beyond. You’ll also learn additional skills like the proper methods of assisting family growth and development as well as abuse and neglect prevention.

medical office administration diploma

PSW training can prepare you with the skills you need for a rewarding career

Graduates with a Medical Health Administration Diploma Have a Variety of Career Options

There are many people who work behind the scenes in the healthcare industry to make sure everything is running smoothly. Medical health administration plays a key role in ensuring that the daily tasks which keep facilities operating are done with attention to detail and minimal complications.

healthcare programs

Medical health administration provides many different positions to choose from

Medical health administration courses provide students with the comprehensive skills that show potential employers they have an in-depth familiarity with the relevant software, medical terminology, medical transcription, and even training in preventative measures such as infection control and medical emergency preparation that makes them stand out as ideal candidates.

These skills can make you suitable for a variety of jobs within a medical office, from assistants to patient coordinators and front office managers. If you feel as though you’ve hit a wall with your current job, studying for a medical health administration diploma can open the door to a new career with many different available positions and opportunities.

Hands-On Training Gives Future Healthcare Workers the Advantage

One of the best ways to prepare for the job that you want is to get practical experience that makes you stand out to potential employers. This can be done through a variety of ways, from in-depth training with knowledgeable instructors, to practicum work and placement opportunities in a real-world work environment.

A hands-on program allows you to learn certain things a textbook can’t teach you. You can explore different elements of your studies in a more practical manner and familiarize yourself with the concepts and processes of your work in a comprehensive and meaningful way, which you can use to your advantage when starting your new career.

A practicum work placement is particularly beneficial to Personal Support Workers because it can provide an insider’s perspective on the typical work involved in the healthcare industry. Experiencing the realities of your potential career during your studies gives you an additional perspective that lets you decide if it’s the right choice for you.

Are you interested in getting involved in a rewarding career with a positive job outlook?

Contact Canadian Business College for more information about our healthcare programs.

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