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Our Business is Your Education

Business Management Program Drives Grad’s Entrepreneurial Aspirations

Posted on October 26th, 2015 - Written by: Vanessa Hamkens

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Vasiliy Poluektov enrolled  in the Business Management program at Canadian Business College with one goal in mind: learning how to successfully run and manage a business. Before making the decision to return to school, Vasiliy had established his own small business in the construction industry, which was struggling to make substantial profits.

Following the successful completion of his program in early 2015, Vasiliy has worked hard at maintaining his business positive profit margin by leveraging the skills and business fundamentals he acquired during his time at Canadian Business College.

“I learned a lot about business which I always thought wasn’t that important or crucial. Most importantly I got a crash course in accounting, which is a must in business, even though I’ve never taken it in high school.”

Vasiliy attributed the Business Management program as the deciding factor in helping him to re-ignite his desire to pursue his own business. Committed to helping him succeed in all endeavors during his studies, CBC was also a proud sponsor of Vasiliy’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitions at the provincial level.

With relevant and effective courses, a positive stress-free environment and continuous guidance from knowledgeable instructors, Vasiliy is now a proud and successful entrepreneur. He maintains a positive work/life balance by training and competing in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Learn more about the Business Management program at Canadian Business College here.



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